GQ Funding - Selection Criteria

Gliding Queensland's mission is to: "To Foster, Promote and Develop Gliding throughout the Region", and to help accomplish this we provide funding to gliding clubs or individual members in the region to assist in activities like promotions, coaching, education, competitions, etc.

Gliding Queensland’s budget is sourced from a portion of profit from competitions run in the region and a yearly allocation of funds from the GFA based on the number of members in the region. The yearly funding budget is therefore limited and can vary from year to year, but our aim is to redistribute these funds to clubs and members for appropriate use to foster, promote and develop gliding in our region. These funds may also include Gliding Queensland internal costs associated with education and competitions, for example, running an Airworthiness Course, Coaching Lecture Series, covering the cost of a competition wash out, etc.

This funding selection criteria outlines to potential applicants what will be considered by Gliding Queensland as an appropriate request for funds, the limit guidelines and any exclusions. The submission of a funding application also assumes the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of any funding made available by Gliding Queensland.

1. Who can apply?

> Gliding Clubs.
> Individual Gliding Queensland members (if you are a member of the GFA and a member of a gliding club in the region, you are automatically a GQ member).

2. How can you apply?

Applications must be filled out and submitted online via the GQ web site. You must be a registered user to login and submit the application.

Online Application: Application Form
Register for member access: Create an Account

3. How much can you apply for?

You can apply for between $100 and $1500. Limits are set per financial year with a maximum of $250 per individual and $1500 per club.

4. What types of things can you apply for?

GQ will make funds available to clubs or affiliations to fund (or partially fund) things like; club signage, club promotional activities, airshow participation, youth scholarships, safety equipment, etc. GQ will make funds available to individuals to fund (or partially fund) things like; JoeyGlide entry fees, etc.

Please note that GQ generally doesn’t fund applications retrospectively. If you need further clarification as to whether your application item is eligible, please send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

5. Are there any exclusions?

GQ will not accept applications to fund personal expenses for development or equipment like; SPOT trackers, GPS units, or fund training for additional ratings.

6. What sort of information do you need to include in the application?

You will need to provide Gliding Queensland details of your funding requirements, including details about the purpose, amount of funding required, and the benefits the funding would bring to the club, affiliation or individual.

7. How long does it take to get a decision?

The GQ committee meet every two months and funding applications are discussed, considered and voted on at these meetings. If your application has been completed correctly and any required supporting documents have been received, the process should take no longer than 8 weeks. If the application is considered urgent and needs to be reviewed within a specific timeframe and prior to the next committee meeting, you can email the GQ secretary: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request an eVote be done.

8. Who decides whether my application is successful?

The Queensland Gliding Association (Gliding Queensland or GQ) is made up of democratically elected executive members (eg: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer), GFA endorsed regional officers (eg: Regional Technical Officer’s), and other GQ assigned and GFA endorsed positions (eg: State Coach, Competition chair). These members are all from various gliding clubs around Queensland and generally make up the majority of attendees at the GQ Committee meetings where funding applications are discussed. Any GQ member is also welcome to attend the GQ committee meetings and is also eligible to vote on any application, as long as there’s no conflict of interest.

9. Do applications always get the full amount they apply for?

No. The committee “may” decide that the funding application is appropriate and worth funding, but may amend the funded amount due to factors like hitting yearly funding limits for a club or individual. The GQ yearly funding budget is limited and can vary from year to year, so this could be a factor too depending on the number of funding applications received during the year.

10. Can I view other funding requests that have been submitted?

Yes. GQ member’s have the ability to register on the GQ web site. For transparency, all registered GQ users have the ability to review all Funding Applications, the amount, the status of the request, and the outcome of the review of the application.

Online Application: Application Form
Review Funding Requests: Funding Requests
Register for member access: Create an Account